Week 12_Mahsa Soroudi of Iran


Well as a last week’s artist of the week I got completely surprised because she was from my country. The interview was completely awesome and I think both Professor Glenn and Mahsa Soroudi did a perfect job. Though I will try my best not to talk about politics, in a country where both me and her are from, I think our artists are completely blocked from showing off their works. People that get out of Iran, an example me and her, are completely lucky. It is not easy for people to get out of that country. I am really interested in her work with nature. I believe nature has the best pieces of art anyone can find. I am really happy to see a young talented lady using her skills to my a whole community proud. People like this are really rare in Iran.

Persian art is usually shown in rugs. The picture I provided shows different rugs in different size and different colors. The reason rugs in Iran are so famous are because people put as much as work they could in them. To be honest I would love to work in a place like this, I believe this is a wish majority of persian people have.13988846_1114659268608173_1584671116_n


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