Week 10_Joseph Delappe


I can say this week’s artist interest me the most compared to others we have done research on. Unlike other artist, Joseph DeLappe works is pretty unique. With the use of technology, he creates cool realities that could have meaning in future. 2 of his works that I enjoy are the drone connected to head and his dead in Iraq. Each one of these works have meaning in their own way. As an example the drone could mean; the future robots could control us the humans. This could go both bad and good way, they either can help us with the sickness or they could have the effect of destroying us. His dead-in-iraq had a strong meaning for me. He tried to send a message to people about the soldiers that dies in Iraq by playing a famous game. Though the way he did it wasn’t something people of the game enjoy, but it definitely had a huge significant.
If technology wasn’t as strong as it is today, this artist would have never gotten famous. Looking at his work, nearly 90 percent of what he does relates to technology. Now if we imagine technology didn’t exist, I wouldn’t see the point of this artists. He has great ideas but literally majority of them are not completely art related.


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