Week 10_Art Care Package

This week’s activity was kind of hard for me. I decide to send an Art Care Package to my sister who I truly love. My sister loves a lot of house accessories, so I decide to do my ACT on house accessories. For this project I used a lot of magazines to find great house things that I would love to by her if I was rich enough. By sending this to her I believe she will get completely surprised. ACP is similar to snapchat because you are sending a love one something you think they would enjoy. For this case its house accessories. The only difference I see between snapchat and ACP is the amount of time they are alive. In snapchat when a picture or video is send it will only last for a few seconds, but for ACP it will be with that person forever. I prefer ACP because I want it to be something that she will have forever. The art in museum is different from ACP in different ways. I believe both have different meaning in different ways. Art in museum represent the beauty of colors in a drawing and ACP represents the amount of love you have for someone. This was a fun and interesting activity. I feel like the idea is smart to begin with .IMG_5782


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