Week 9_Tattoo



As a kid I always loved tattoos and I always wanted to get one. Due to high restrictions in Iran about tattoos and stuff related to this, plus with the disagreement of my parents, I could never get one. This week’s artists got me interested because tattoos always get me interested. While doing my research on a tattoo artist Kat Von D, I figures she has done a lot of perfect tattoo drawings on people’s body. From discussion comments in artist_otw I saw many people just like me love tattoos. Back to art, tattoos could mean a lot of things. Some people get tattoo of something because it symbolizes something for them, and others get them for fun; both ways it’s reasonable. One of her work that completely surprises me is the guy she draws on this person’s body. The image above is completely beautiful because the change of color on the chin is extremely neat. The use of color for this tattoo just make me go crazy. I am not no normal tattoo artist could draw this.
I believe the job of tattoo artists is much harder than a normal artist who draw on paper. If painter makes a mistake on the paper, he could easily throw it away and create a new one. However, with tattoo artists that’s impossible. If they make one small mistake, that’s going to be on that person’s body forever. Also the chance of error is higher compared to normal artists because tattoo artists have to draw in every kind of condition.


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