Week 9_ Cuisine




Well for this week’s activity I decide to do Cuisine. The picture that I provide is a famous rice pudding in Iran. The actual name for it in Iran is called “Sholeh Zard”. The ingredients are white rice, sugar, saffron, rosewater, butter, silvered almonds and hot water. This is a famous desert in Iran. My goal for this food was after I Completely finish it, I could put up a design on the top layer of the food. Usually people who make this kind of desert always have a design on top of it. One thing that happened and made me remake the food was that I forgot to turn off the oven. This caused the whole food to burn and almost put my house on fire. Good thing my son smelled the burning food and he turned off the oven otherwise I wouldn’t be righting this. It wasn’t a fun activity because after the burn not only I had to remake the desert, but the whole oven was dirty. So it took me a good 2 hours to clean the house. Anyway after I clean the house and made the food again, this time everything went well, I was ready to put up my design. I used cinnamon to create the lines and white/green pistachios to put those circles. One thing I learned is to never go to bathroom while the food is cooking, because you can end up burning your house. To prevent the food from burning, next time I will put my son in charge of it so I can do my business.




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