Week 8_Street Photography​

My main photography topic was love. I didn’t think I would take random pictures that would actually connect to each other. The first image that I got was when 2 old couples were looking at the beach. I thought this was a lovely picture because it shows the relationship these two people had for each other. Not sure but I assume their relationship is going for a long time. The second thing that caught my attention in that place was two young couples getting married. I asked them if I could take picture and they rejected me, because of their negative answer I took picture of the kids and the flowers on the ground. I think if they let me take the picture it would have been an awesome scene.

These three things in one day made me think about something interesting. I thought about the meaning of life and how time passes. Though many start from young to old, my day started from old to young. What I saw at first was old couples, then young couples getting married and then kids playing. This is significant because the world we live in has a lot of steps within it. I believe I witness the three main steps in one day. This totally made my day and I believed if I put my time in photography I might be able to catch interesting things around us that we don’t notice normally.

From there I went to 3rd street in Santa Monica. Good thing about this place is that you don’t need to ask permission for getting picture because the people who perform do their job for the sake of picture and videos. Though man people might be familiar with the performers, the lady who dances is very interesting. One interesting fact about her: she is 74 and looking at her makes me think how is she still dancing and so active?


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