Week 7_ Janet Cardiff and George Bures


This week’s artist was an interesting artist. Both Janet Cardiff and her spouse George Bures Miller have a lot of talent in music and sound. While other artist shows us the beauty of drawing, painting and photography; Janet does the same thing but with music and sound. The 40-part motet project that Janet hosted was completely mind blowing. According to her, she had 40 speakers in an oval form, where each speaker had a voice of different person. I don’t want to get inside the technical part of this project, but I am damn sure it isn’t something easy to do. Throughout our class discussion, I figured many of our classmates that listened to the sound she played, made us think more about scary things in life. For example, as she played Thomas Tallis song, it made me think more about church than anything related to art, although I am a Muslim.
In my opinion, if her work gets mixed with one of the drawing artists it could make a historical event. Majority of artists have galleries of their drawings, when people go to these art galleries all they do is to look at the painting and try to imagine what the drawing is trying to present. Now if Janet uses her music and sound skills to play a sound while people are looking at the art, it could give more meaning to the setting of the drawing. I believe the best galleries that her music skills could be used are the galleries from history paintings. Her work with other artists could be phenomenal.



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