Week 7_ Hammer Museum

This week’s activity was a pretty chill activity. Since the hammer Museum was the closest museum to my house I decide to go there. It was surprising for me to know there was an art museum close to my house that I didn’t even notice. While I was looking at different pieces of art two things got me interested. One was the drawing of a women with white tapes in her face, and the other was a women’s sculpture. Starting from the women’s sculpture, she was wearing “hijab” which is a Muslim thing to do. One thing that got me surprised was the fact she didn’t have any cloths on. So in one hand she had hijab in other she was wearing nothing. Also their small hand writing from her feet to her face that I couldn’t understand the symbol for it. It could have just been painting Egyptian women’s had long time ago. The other painting that had tape in the face of women got me thinking about something. The lady on the drawing was completely dark from neck to bottom, and her face was covered, so I wonder what this could mean?? I came up to a conclusion that these two pieces of art could mean the privacy and modesty of women in their face. I am pretty sure drawings are not completely connected do religion Muslim but I am sure there is something to do with it. There was no similar thing between these two pieces of art unless the fact they were so close to each other. Anyway this was a fun week, and I am happy I got to get inside the Museum for free. There was a 20$ ticket but I asked if students were free, and the guy was so nice he told me I could go without buying the ticket.


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